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ADU is reporting hot spare on wrong position


ADU is reporting hot spare on wrong position


I have a Smart Array P400 controller with 5 logical drives in 5 arrays. First one is a RAID 1 with hot spare and rest are arrays with single drives.

On the RAID 1 log. drive one disk failed and hot spare stepped in. Rebuild completed successfully without any errors. But the thing is that in the HP ADU report in the Logical Drive Status part for logical drive 1 the hot spare is on position Port 1 ID 5 and not on position Port 2I, Box 1, Bay 3 as it should be and as is reported later in the Monitor and Performance Data part.

We replaced the failed drive and the rebuild completed successfully. All logical drives are OK without any data corruption.

So am I reading the HP ADU report wrongly, or there is a bug in ADU or somewhere else?

ADU report included.

Thanks for your time.

Re: ADU is reporting hot spare on wrong position


According to ADU report attached:
Port 2I, Box 1, Bay 3 is "Configured as Spare".

Not sure about "Big Spare to Replace Map: Spare at (Port 1 ID 5) replaced drive ? (map[5]=0x06)"

Its better to use a latest version of ADU which is