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Add a controller to a MSA2312sa, how to?

Occasional Contributor

Add a controller to a MSA2312sa, how to?

Hello, I have to add another controller to a MSA2312sa already configured and currently connected to two ESX servers.

I can't find info about this procedure: I have to shutdown everything or can I "hot-add" the controller?

What about the firmware? The new controller should be upgraded to the latest release: can I upgrade only the new controller (the "old" controller is already running with the latest firmware)?

Many thanks in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: Add a controller to a MSA2312sa, how to?

The following is from the installation guide:

"If you have an existing single controller system and you are adding a
second controller, the new controller automatically begins to initialize
when it is installed. If the firmware versions differ between the two
controllers, Partner Firmware Upgrade feature brings the older firmware
to the later firmware level."

However, for the firmware upgrade to occur, the Partner Firmware Upgrade feature needs to be enabled. Run 'show advanced-settings' to confirm.

The install guide I am referencing is found here:

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Add a controller to a MSA2312sa, how to?

Many thanks for your answer Bob: I'm just reading the guide suggested.