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Applying firmware to direct attached D2600

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Applying firmware to direct attached D2600



I've got a newly installed D2600 attached to a P411.  Everything is working well but before I get data on there I want to update the firmware.  Problem is the firmware instructions refer to the VSM accessed via the OA (yeah I know what those stand for)  But these seem to refer to a device installed on a blade server.  I just have this as a single array direct attached to the controller.


Can anybody point me to the instructions on how I go about upgrading firmware on this device since I seem to be lacking in the VSM stuff.


Thanks and yes I've searched extensively and maybe I'm missing something crucial.


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Re: Applying firmware to direct attached D2600

The firmware you want is labeled as follows:


* RECOMMENDED * HP D2600/D2700 6Gb SAS Disk Enclosure ROM Flash Component for Windows


The latest is version 0131


This is the update this executed from Windows.


The other one isnt necessarily the latest firmware for the D2600, but rather the latest firmware for the D2600 when attached to a SAS switch interconnect module.



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Re: Applying firmware to direct attached D2600

Thank you so much for the reply and clarification.  I just kept going down the wrong road there.