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Array p410i logical drive rebuild problem

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Array p410i logical drive rebuild problem

I have 4 SAS 147GB hard disk run under raid 1+0, two of them have 'Predictive to fail soon' message (one in Bay 1 and other one in Bay 3), I replace one of them but unable to rebuild. It's stuck at 10%.


I read somewhere it says upgrade the firmware might solve this problem, it that true. Anyone have solution.


Many thanks

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Re: Array p410i logical drive rebuild problem

The time required for a rebuild time depends on several factors.

Can you check if the cache is enabler or not? It has been noticed that Without cache the rebuild on Smart array P410i will take 12 to 14 minutes per GB. With cache enable the rebuild will take 20 to 30 seconds per GB.


If even after the Cache is enabled rebuilding is stuck or slow. Please, change the rebuild priority.


You may upgrade the firmware to the latest:


You may also refer to ACU User Guide for to manage efficiently:







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