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AutoRAID Manager for HP-UX 11.0

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Ruediger Noack
Valued Contributor

AutoRAID Manager for HP-UX 11.0

I have to fresh install HP-UX 11.0 on a K570 with HP AutoRaid 12H. Where can i find the manager software ?

Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor

Re: AutoRAID Manager for HP-UX 11.0

Hallo Ruediger,

array manager software is part of the OS-Core product, fileset ARRAY-MGMT.
(My installed Patch for this : PHCO_16341)


Bob Inglis
Trusted Contributor

Re: AutoRAID Manager for HP-UX 11.0

The ARMserver utility which is required by SAM, STM & EMS is distributed in the form of a patch.

HPUX 11.0 patch PHCO_16341 has been superceeded.Patch PHCO_21435 or newer is required for the latest version of AutoRaid controler FIRMWARE (HP60).
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