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BCV Fundamentals.........

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BCV Fundamentals.........

Hi All,

Can someone explain the concepts of BCV in a brief manner.

Also any links to look more into.
Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: BCV Fundamentals.........

BCV is an EMC term which stands for "Business Continuance Volume" - it is basically a mirror of your data on an EMC array that can be split off at a point in time and used for backup/testing/whatever and is part of the EMC Timefinder product.

Ther term BCV is often incorrectly used to describe all disk snapshots (e.g. I've heard HP Business Copy snapshots referred to as BCVs as well)

One could write thousands of words on the concepts behind BCVs and the technology used to produce them - What specifically do you need to know?




Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: BCV Fundamentals.........

>>Can someone explain the concepts of BCV in a brief manner<<

Has explained on the above post.

BCV = "Business Continuance Volume" Very Good concept which very usefull in many ways.


in realy partice under EMC storage, we call it R1 - R2 copies , meaning your sync/split copy of the EMC storage.

very usefull under Database/ application recovery process in the point system prospects,

useually, we have this concept bring up entire server under BCV split copy for application and MC Service Guard failover testing . Very usey full things.

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Rita C Workman
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Re: BCV Fundamentals.........

Try going to
>>>login (register)

From there you should be able to browse and get more information. Click on Product/go under "T" and click on Timefinder and look around.