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Can not login to CDE session on HPUX11.11 using Exceed 8. Only root is working.

Shahid Tanvir
Occasional Visitor

Can not login to CDE session on HPUX11.11 using Exceed 8. Only root is working.


I'm running into an issue with logging in to HPUX server running HPUX11.11 with Exceed 8. If I login as user root, I can log in but not as any other user. I did google and found the resolution on Exceed site but it doesn't resolve the problem. Can someone provide an insight please?



Can Not login to CDE session as User but Root can successfully login.


When trying to login as a valid user via XDM to a unix machine it brings the user back to the Login Sceen.
Root can login successfully on the unix box.
You can Ping by name and IP address.
All the unix configurations (dt, xdm, gdm) for a successfull XDM session are set up properly.
The Daemons are running.


The file needs to have read permission for group and world.
You can use the following command to change the permissions:

chmod 644 /etc/resolv.conf

You do not need any special permissions to see the CDE login screen. It is only when you actually login that this file would be accessed to get name servers and domain information to resolve names to IP addresses for the client.