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Can't extend logical drive w/ 5302

Alvin Lau
Occasional Visitor

Can't extend logical drive w/ 5302

Compaq ProLiant DL380
Smart Array 5302-64
Four 72.8gb drives installed in the internal drive bay, connected to port 2
Three 72.8gb drives installed to an exteral drive array, connected to port 1

I used RAID-5 and created one logical drive using three of the internal hard drives.

I was able to expand the array with the fourth internal hard drive and then extend the logical drive.

After that, I was able to expand the array with the three external hard drives.

However, I was not able to use all three external hard drives to extend the logical drive. I was only able to extend the logical drive with one of the three external drives.

Any ideas why? Have I reached a limitation of the controller, is this an issue because of the size of the hard drives, etc.?

Eventually, we want to fill all 14 bays in the external drive array so I need to figure out how to get this done. Thanks in advance.
Alvin Lau
Occasional Visitor

Re: Can't extend logical drive w/ 5302

Forgot to mention that all firmware (controller and server) is up to date and I'm using ACU XE v6.20.9.0, thanks!