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Change Diskarrays between two MSA1500 with four MSA30

Hense, Klaus
Valued Contributor

Change Diskarrays between two MSA1500 with four MSA30

My custumer has two MSA1550cs with four MSA30 with full 300GB 15k disks on each MSA.

We have seven Arrays with more with one or two Logical Drives on each MSA.

We want change one or more Arrays between the MSA1500.
The Question:
What is the best Way to do this?
Can I power down the MSA1500s, change the HDDs between the MSA30´s und Power on the MSA1500cs and all works fine? (I know that SSP is to configure)
Is all Data OK ?
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: Change Diskarrays between two MSA1500 with four MSA30


yes, this is a functional way. You need to shutdown the MSA1500cs before you can pull out the disks, and you need to shutdown the other 1500cs before you plugin the new disks. While the MSA is coming up, it should detect the new disks and the meta data on it. After the bootup process is completed, you will see the new logical drives in the ACU and you can present them.

Best regards,
Best regards,