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Change HD's from one RAID controler to another

Goetynck Etienne
Occasional Visitor

Change HD's from one RAID controler to another


actually, I have a LC2 RAID controler with an array of 4 disks, in a Proliant Server (ML350)

I would like change this controler with another (CTRL 432) because I need a second channel, but I would like keeping my operating system and applications.

Is this possible ? Of course, I take a backup before the change, but, logically, keep I my system or not ?

Thanks in advance


Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: Change HD's from one RAID controler to another

Yes this is possible. The SA-431 (432 doesn't exists) controller is backwards compatible with the LC2. What do you have to do:
- always take a full backup
- upgrade your system ROM to support the SA-431 (normally not needed)
- upgrade your system partition to support the SA-431 (normally not needed)
- install the SA-431
- run System Configuration Utility (or SCU via F10) to detect the SA-431 as another storage controller
- install the SA-431 driver in the OS, otherwise it will not be detected
- shut down the server and move drive cage SCSI cable from LC2 to SA-431
- remove LC2 controller and change boot controller order in SCU (F10)
- boot server et voila
- pray :-)

This can easily be done in 30 min. or less.

Rgds, Gert Luyten - Compaq ACI
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