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Changing disk size in disk array on a HP9000 D380

Bob Slater
Occasional Advisor

Changing disk size in disk array on a HP9000 D380

We are running HPUX 10.20 on a HP9000 D380 and are running short of disk space. I would like to know how to swap out the 9.1GB drives and replace them with larger drives with out losing data and with as minimal impact on uptime as possible.
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing disk size in disk array on a HP9000 D380

What disk array are you using?
If it's a nike ie DGC model 10, 20, 30
make sure you have latest controller f/w and you have no alternative but to destroy and recreate the lun.. otherwise the disk size is taken as the size of disk it is rebuilding for.

On an Autoraid one disk at a time after rebuild.. this can take quite long.. to minimise impact you can set a low rebuild priority although when you remove a disk you are at SPOF: single point of failure.

You may prefer to mirror your lvols to another array and then replace everything...
then resync backwards to the newly creaed lun.

Schedule downtime and restore from backup as the quickest solution.

It works for me (tm)