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Command View Occupancy Reporting Discrepeancy

Occasional Contributor

Command View Occupancy Reporting Discrepeancy

I'm running an EVA8000 with 12 shelves populated primarily with 300GB FC drives. The remaining diskss are 146GB FC which are being transitioned out.
As these are being transitioned out we've observed that one of the 2 groups is seriously 'mis'-reporting occupancy - to the order of 34 TB occupied of 27TB total available!
Now I know from reviewing Vdisks that actual occupancy is only about 10TB. I've been informed this is a 'feature' of CView 6.0.2 that when replacing with larger disks. We're currently running with XCS 6100.

The question is, does anyone know how to resolve the reporting discrepency in CView?

Thanks en-avance
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View Occupancy Reporting Discrepeancy

Hi Jon,

There have been a couple of similar thread recently, one of which is here:

These suggest that a resync. of the controllers should clear the problem. This is something that a field service engineer will be able to do for you.

Hope this helps,


Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Command View Occupancy Reporting Discrepeancy

Yes, a re-sync will temporarily clear the problem until the next time you delete/add a disk. Command View 7 permanently fixes this problem.