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Configuring MSA30 using a non-hp RAID controller

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ig shum
Occasional Visitor

Configuring MSA30 using a non-hp RAID controller


I have an MSA30 Dual Bus (prev. model name is 4354R).
The MSA30 has:
- PROLIANT 4L7E*DB card revision 2.30
- 12 disks of 146GB ultra320.

I want to use all the 12 disks which are on the MSA30.

I use a Win2k3 server, with a Mylex AcceleRAID 170 Disk Array Controller to access the MSA30.
The Mylex controller has one SCSI port, which is connected to Port-A on the 4L7E*DB.

In the Mylex software, when I scan for SCSI devices, I see only 7 disks of the MSA30 and the 4L7E*DB card. I don't see the other 5 disks which are on the MSA30.

If I connect the Mylex to Port-B on 4L7E*DB, and rescan, I see the other 5 disks of the MSA30.

The HP Array Configuration (ver 8.50.5) and ADU, don't recognize the Mylex as a SCSI controller, and don't recognize the attached MSA30, so I cannot reconfigure.

How can I configure the MSA30 using the Mylex RAID controller, to allow access to all the 12 drives on Port-A?

Thank you

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring MSA30 using a non-hp RAID controller

Your enclosure has a dual-bus I/O module, which splits the 14 disk bays into two SCSI busses of 7 bays, each.

If you want a single bus, you MUST physically replace the I/O module against a single-bus model.