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Connecting multiple MSA500-G2's to a SA6402

Adrian Ogden
Frequent Advisor

Connecting multiple MSA500-G2's to a SA6402

Can I connect two MSA500-G2's to a SA6402 for example and mirror across the MSA500's using the SA6402 and present one bootable LUN to the Host?

Re: Connecting multiple MSA500-G2's to a SA6402

You can attach two MSA500-G2 to two channels of SA6402. But you can mirror between them.

SA6402 is used here as HBA not as RAID controller. Whan you go to ACU you will see both MSA500 units and you can create mirrors on tem but not between them.

One way to do what you wanted is to present two luns (one from each MSA500) and do software mirroring between them. But performance will suffer because of software mirror.