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Continuous Access support for ESX 3.0

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Ian Dennison_1
Honored Contributor

Continuous Access support for ESX 3.0

I have found the document that details it supports ESX 2.5.x, what about 3.0? Does anyone know if this is implied or explicit?

Also, (and this does my head in!) Clustered ESX Server both update the same Disk Device as a "vmfs" volume? 2 Servers hitting the same disk - is this normal?

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Robert Dobalina
Valued Contributor

Re: Continuous Access support for ESX 3.0

I assume you mean EVA. I know support is there for ESX 3.0 on the EVA but I do not see any documentation for ESX with CA. I suggest you call into support to get an answer. It may or may not have been tested.