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DD Old Drive to New Drive?

Jerry Gamblin
Occasional Contributor

DD Old Drive to New Drive?

I have a drive that is dying in a D380.

I have HP sending me a new drive. (Just how I love to spend my Sundays!)
The drive that is dying has some of the LV Stripped and some mirrored.
You can still read all the information off the drive for the time being.

I have an extra bay in my drive array, can I put the new drive in that slot DD over all the information of the drive that is dying, remove the old drive and put the new drive in its place?

I believe this will work, just want to check with some experts.
Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: DD Old Drive to New Drive?

The disk that's being replaced, where is it installed? Is it stand alone disk (jbod) or part of a disk array??

David Child_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DD Old Drive to New Drive?


I believe this should work, however make sure you have the original (failing) drive quiesed or you may run into issues with consistency. If this is a non-root drive this should be fairly easy to do. Just unmount all file systems that reside on this drive and go to work.