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DL380-G5 Upgrade to RAID 1 after OS install

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DL380-G5 Upgrade to RAID 1 after OS install

Hi, thanks in advance,

We have a few Proliant DL380 G5's with one serial SCSI 146GB drive. I need to install another identical drive and configure RAID 1, hopefully without reloading the OS and applications. The servers are 100's of miles from each other. If it is possible without reloading the OS would it be worthwhile from a time perspective. I need to be sure everything is working before I can leave the site.
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: DL380-G5 Upgrade to RAID 1 after OS install


just plugin the disks, launch ACU and migrate to RAID 1+0. But you need a BBWC attached to the Smart Array Controller to do this online.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Best regards,