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DUAL MSA1000's

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Jitendra Samji
Occasional Contributor

DUAL MSA1000's


can I connect 2 MSA1000's together with 2 servers ( not in a cluster setup)

so I can have 28 disk slots ( 2 x 14 disk slots) to use.
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: DUAL MSA1000's

In a word, Yes.

However, how you should do it depends on your intended use.

You can have 2 disk shelves in an MSA1000, or you can have 2 different MSA1000's, each with one shelf.

For connecting the hosts, the most economical way is with an integrated hub or switch.

Post some more details, and we can help you pick the optimal configuration.


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Jitendra Samji
Occasional Contributor

Re: DUAL MSA1000's

cheers for the info.

Is there any online docs I can read?

we currently have 2 servers with one msa1000 and will like to add another msa1000.

Adding another shelve to the msa1000 looks interesting.

Jefferson Humber
Honored Contributor

Re: DUAL MSA1000's


This should give you a little bit a light reading;

The installation/reference & user guide should shed some light on what is possible.

This may also be useful too, the SAN Design Reference guide lists some useful MSA configuration details.

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