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Disk Expansion in Model 30/FC

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Valued Contributor

Disk Expansion in Model 30/FC


I am having a Model 30/FC with 29 Disks 5*18GB and remaining 4*GB disks with 4 LUNs which is as follows:-

15* 4GB Disks in LUN0
5* 4GB Disks in LUN1
4 * 4GB DISKS in LUN2
4 * 18GB Disks in LUN3
1 * 18GB DISKS Hotspare

Now I want to upgrade two disk modules with 18 GB Disks.

Is there any possiblity of expanding the existing 18GB LUN (LUN3) without data loss

Also I want to downsize a 4GB LUN and replace with a 18GB LUN. Is it possible?

If so can any one please give a procedure for the same

Gerrit Beyken
Respected Contributor

Re: Disk Expansion in Model 30/FC


it is not possible to extend an raid-array in your 30/FC.
You have to unbind your lun and recreate it with the drives you want in the config.
All data will be destroyed due to this action!

Best regards

Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Expansion in Model 30/FC

you can upgrade the LUN via the prompt you get with Ctrl [] [] [] [] [] []

but it's not so easy.. and really only for expert use. I'd recommend unbinding and rebuilding.

Note my replies in this question for info on lun configuration:,,0x82b6d06ed8c8d4118fef0090279cd0f9,00.html

It works for me (tm)