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EMA12000 ACS8.7 disksupport

Walter Goetz
Occasional Contributor

EMA12000 ACS8.7 disksupport

in ACS 8.7A Release Notes for Tru64 (AA-RFATJ-TE Tenth Edition mar 2003) I can´t find this disks in the supported Diskmatrix.


It seems, the disks and Firmwareversion are too new. But, the question is, can I upgrade the ACS V8.6 to V8.7 or rather, exists a newer supported Option list?
Let me thank everyone who helps in advance.
Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: EMA12000 ACS8.7 disksupport

The EMA1200 will support 18GB, 36GB, 72GB, and 146GB disks with ACS 8.7{?}-0. I don't care what your OS is, The HSG80 controller will recognize it. That is what is important. I have AIX, WINxxx, and VMS Alphaservers using those HSG's.

You will need to purchase the 8.7{?}-1 VCS cards, and then patch to -4.

Mike Naime
VMS SAN mechanic