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EMS does not notify when VA7100 has non-CRITICAL problems

Frank Hess
Occasional Visitor

EMS does not notify when VA7100 has non-CRITICAL problems

I am trying to figure out why EMS does not notify me when my VA7100 has non-CRITICAL problems. I have configured RemoteMonitor to report all problems, other than INFORMATION, via EMAIL to root and to syslog. I have also configured RemoteMonitor to poll every five minutes. But it only reports CRITICAL problems and it can take over half an hour to get the email. My test for non-CRITICAL problems is to pull out one of the power cords or to disconnect a controller. My test for CRITICAL problems is to shut off the VA7100.

I am running HP-UX 11.11 on a J5000.
EMS is at A.26.00
CommandView SDM is at 01.02
the VA7100 controller firmware is at HP13

Thanks in advance for any help,