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EVA 4000, adding a 300 GB disk

Frequent Advisor

EVA 4000, adding a 300 GB disk

hello Team,

i have to degroupe two disks of 146GB from the EVA4000, and replace them with one disk of 300GB,

using the cammand vew , could you please provide the steps to follow to do that, how to ungroup first the two disks, than plug the 300Gb disk?

thank you in advnace

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4000, adding a 300 GB disk

Basically is to select each of the 146 GB disks you want to remove in the disk group and click "Ungroup", then "ungroup in background".

After a few hours the disks will be in "Ungroupped disks" folder. Then you can select each one and click "Remove". You go to the EVA and remove them.

Insert the 300 GB disk, it will appear on "Ungroupped disks". Select it and press "Group". Select the disk group you want to add it to.

NOTE: Due to the "Disk failure protection" setting, if you replace 2 x 146 Gb by 1 x 300 GB you could end up lossing space on the disk group. This option reserves a space proportional to the size of the biggest disk on the disk group.
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Re: EVA 4000, adding a 300 GB disk

so if i well understand,

i select the two 146 diks one by one and i ungroup them, by clicking on "ungroup" after finiching i remove them from the shelf directly,

than insert the 300 GB, and click on the disk in the command vew and add him on a Group by cliking on "GROUP" the levling will start, right ?

my question is: when the levling start, My I leave the customer site or i have to wait till it will finich the levling ?

thank you

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4000, adding a 300 GB disk

1) Before removing the disk from the shelf, you must press "Remove" button.

2) The leveling is a background optimization process, you do not need to wait for it to finish to remove or add a disk.
Timothy Cusson
Valued Contributor

Re: EVA 4000, adding a 300 GB disk

Just a friendly warning, HP does not recommend mixing fibre channel disk drives of different sizes, like 146GB and 300GB.

Why are you replacing 2 x 146GB with 1 x 300GB? If you are doing this to increase space, it will not work! You will actually loose space!!! (Because of sparing).

Example if you have 14x 146GB disks to start with single sparing...

14 x 146GB = 2,044GB raw data
less 2x 146GB = 292GB for level one sparing.

Result 2,044GB-292GB = 1,752GB raw data


Now remove 2x 146GB and add one 300GB...

You now have 13x 146GB= 1,898GB plus 300GB
gives 2,198 raw data.

Single sparing requires two x largest disk in group, 2 x 300= 600GB fro sparing.

New total raw date = 2,198GB-600GB= 1,598GB

Result, you have lost 154GB of raw data!

The best thing to do is replace all the 146GB disk drives with 300 or 450GB disk drives.

Also, if the EVA4000 is not full, you should add the new disk first to increase space, let it level overnight, then, the next day ungroup the 146GB drives one at a time. You can ungroup two disks at once, but it is safer to ungroup one at a time. Never ungroup more then three disks at one time!


1) Before physically removing an EVA disk you must ungroup it. It will appear in the Ungrouped Disk Group when it's empty. To be safe, use Command View, go to the drive and verify its occupancy is 0 GB. Now you can click on "Remove Disk", the disk drive red LED will blink, go and unplug the disk, go back to Command View and click OK.

2) When you add a new disk, first verify there are no disks in the Ungrouped Disk Group. Always wait one or two minutes between inserting drives. Now insert the disk, it will take one or two minutes for the drive to be ready and appear in the Ungrouped Disk Group. Now check the disk firmware level and upgrade it if necessary. Now add the disk to a disk group. Levelling will start automatically. It could take from 4 to 16 hours for all the drives in the disk group to complete levelling. You can look at the drives occupancy to see how fast it is levelling.

Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA 4000, adding a 300 GB disk

thanks a lot for the nice sharing