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EVA 4000 and mixing disk in Diskgroup

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FrankSt olzenberger
Occasional Contributor

EVA 4000 and mixing disk in Diskgroup


our customer has an EVA 4000. He has 1 Diskgroup with 14 146 GB FC Drives.
Now he want´s to integrate in the same Diskgroup 450 GB FC Drives.
Is this supported and when, will the 450 GB Drives fully integrated or will there only 146 GB of Data stored on it.


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4000 and mixing disk in Diskgroup

It is supported.

However, due to the calculation of the 'protection space', the EVA will now reserve 0/900GB/1800GB instead of 0/292/584GB for levels: 0/1/2.

And if the EVA must shuffle disks around later, it might 'marry' a large and a small disk for VRAID-1 data - in that case, only the capacity size of the smaller disk drive is used.
FrankSt olzenberger
Occasional Contributor

Re: EVA 4000 and mixing disk in Diskgroup

Thank you for the quick answer