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EVA 5000 - HSV 110 Controller Blower replacement.

Occasional Contributor

EVA 5000 - HSV 110 Controller Blower replacement.

Hi everyone,


We have an old EVA 5000. It has 2 HSV Controllers. On one of the controllers one of the 2 blowers'  LEDs is amber, in ComandView EVA the blower is shown as below:


Installed? No  Attention
Actual speed: 0 RPM


Are the blowers hot plug - can I unplug the blower while the EVA 5000 is running ?

I intend to clean the blower and reinsert it , if it fails again I will order a replacement part.


Best Regards,


Sezgin RAFET 

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 5000 - HSV 110 Controller Blower replacement.


Yes the controller blowers are hot-pluggable.
You should have two in each. Don't have it out too long as that might cause it to shut down (with the disk shelves it's 7 minutes I believe).

See this page for a video:

(at least I think it's there, doesn't show any videos on Chrome).