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EVA 5000 base license recovery

Dave Harcourt
Occasional Contributor

EVA 5000 base license recovery

We are in the process of moving our EVA5000 over to a DR role. Since we've completed the data migration, we reinitialised the controllers in order to blow away the previous data & configuration. We've also reimaged the SMA-III using the quick-restore CD.

Unfortunately we forgot to record the EVA's base license key before we reimaged the SMA-III (whoops!). Is there any way to recover the license key, or regenerate it from the controller's WWN?

The system is no longer under HP maintenance, so we cannot create a support call.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Dave Harcourt
Occasional Contributor

Re: EVA 5000 base license recovery

Posted in wrong forum - sorry. Will repost in SAN forum.