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EVA 8000 upgrade (new loop switches and enclosures)

Paliy Nikolay
Occasional Visitor

EVA 8000 upgrade (new loop switches and enclosures)

Could you please help me to find some upgrade guide.
I have EVA8000 with 2loop-switches and 4enclosures and need add 2 new loop switches, 8 new enclosure.

I know that i need save configuration and turn off the storage. Back-end connectivity is clear for me.
Some special steps?

To be sure that the date is save i need some official guide.
Paliy Nikolay
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA 8000 upgrade (new loop switches and enclosures)


I change my question.

How i should add 2 new loop switches in EVA8000 2C4D with 2 loop shwitches.

Just off storage, recable back-end and turn-on?

After that add the enclosures online?
Add enclosures with disks or not?
Phillip Thayer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: EVA 8000 upgrade (new loop switches and enclosures)

You need to shutdown the EVA and power off the entiore rack first. Once you have done that then:

Add the disk drive enclosures without any disks.

Connect the EAB cables from the EMU to the EAB bus.

Connect the IO modules A and B to the appropriate switches. Copy the cabling that is done on your other 4 enclosures and connect the cables to the empty switch ports next to the ports that are currently being used by the other shelves. If this is not cabled correctly then the EVA will have problems and lock up on you with an error.

Put all the drives into the shelves.

Connect the power to the shelves.

Power on the rack and let the EVA discover the newly installed shelves.

Go into Command View EVA and you should see the new shelves in the hardware configuration and there will be ungrouped disks that can be added to the different disk groups.

This is not an easy task and if you have the option of having an HP technician perform this installation I would highly suggest it.

Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.
Paliy Nikolay
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA 8000 upgrade (new loop switches and enclosures)

Yesterday, I sow this storage and itâ s just 2C4D without loop-switches.

I will make upgrade by two steps:

1. Power off, add 4 loop switches and cabling, power on, check that everything ok.
2. Power off, add new enclosure with disks, cabling, power on, ckeck.

Is it good?