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EVA Enclosure from 4400 to 8400

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EVA Enclosure from 4400 to 8400

Hi all,

we have a EVA 4400 with three M6412 Enclosures. We want to use one of this Enclosures for our EVA 8400. I have ungrouped
and removed all disk and re-wired the enclosures. The removed enclosure has ID3 and
our EVA 8400 has also an enclosure with ID3.
Is it possible to "reset" the Enclosure ID before adding it to the EVA8400 ? (Like "factory default") Or is it possible to add the Enclosure without modification and the controlles would assign them a unused ID ?
Thanks for Help !

Trusted Contributor

Re: EVA Enclosure from 4400 to 8400

No modification required. Controller would assign an unused one.

- Susanta
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Enclosure from 4400 to 8400


the ID is configured due the first startup of an enclosure. If the enclosure is attached to an EVA on which the enclosure ID is already configured, the controller will use a unused one. You have to do nothing.

Best regards,
Best regards,