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To make it easier to find information about HPE Storage products and solutions, we are doing spring cleaning. This includes consolidation of some older boards, and a simpler structure that more accurately reflects how people use HPE Storage.
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EVA replication

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EVA replication

Has anybody implemented a "many to one" EVA replicatoin? - 2 EVAs replicating to 1 EVA in a different location
If yes, does it work well? any issues or concerns?
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Re: EVA replication

A few things

First, you will have to keep all firmware versions in synch, and plan your upgrades accordingly (within a week of each other)

for allowable versions of firmware that are supported together, see "HP StorageWorks EVA software compatibility reference"

(those long HP URL's are just so messy).

I would also have some type of performance monitoring set up, just to make sure your network links can handle the load, and would not creating a problem caused by one eva, but seen by the other.

But overall, there should be no issues as long as the general EVA best practices are followed - see both the "san design reference guide" and any eva/os specific documentation as well.
check out and evamgt google group
Peter Mattei
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Re: EVA replication

... and dont forget that 2:1 means EVAs but not LUNs eg 1 EVA can talk to 2 EVAs but a particular LUN can only be replicated to one EVA.
See the attached slide for scenarios.

More info can be found in the SAN Guide

and also check the EVA replication consolidated release note as well as the SW compatibility guide on
>>> Technical documents

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