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EVA snapclone

Mme Jonnaert

EVA snapclone

can someone know the maximun size of an EVA snapclone witch can be created?

Nigel Poulton
Respected Contributor

Re: EVA snapclone

Hi Therese-marie,

A snapclone will automatically be the same size as the volume that it is a clone of. For example if your original volume is 1TB then a snapclone of that volume will also be 1TB.

It also depends how much free space is available in the Disk Group that you are going to create the snapclone in. You can create a snapclone in a different Disk Group from the original vdisk. But if your original vdisk is 1TB and you only have 500MB in a Difk Group, you will not be able to create the snapclone.

The last time I checked the largest size vdisk you could create on an EVA was 2TB (actually 1,999MB).

Talk about the XP and EVA @
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA snapclone

2.047 SWTB
Mustafa Gulercan
Respected Contributor

Re: EVA snapclone

the snapclone becomes a new vdisk family,and therefore a new vdisk completely separated from the original.
max snapclone size=max vdisk size