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EVA4000 system hive growth


EVA4000 system hive growth

Hi all
My configuration:
- EVA4000 2C2D (24 disk 146 HPFC)
- XCS 5.100
- 1 disk group
- 7 data server (each with 1 LUN on EVA)
- 1 backup server
All servers Windows 2003 32bit SP1 / R2

The backup server every night mounts the snapshots of the data servers disks and runs the backup jobs.
The system hive of this server is growing: 4 MB at installation, 8 MB after 2 months.
As stated in I think that the cause is the new devices (the snaps). The system doesn't have the /3GB switch.
Searching in MS technet I found, but is not clear the limit in Windows 2003: one-quarter of the physical memory or 32 MB ?

How can I delete the old snaps entry ?
Anyone used the "scrubber" utility reported in ?

Many thanks
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4000 system hive growth

Thanks Uwe
When do you think is "reasonable" to run the utility ? When system hive is 16 MB ?