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EVA4400 upgrading from CR1089lep-09000000 to 9522000

John Hutch
Occasional Visitor

EVA4400 upgrading from CR1089lep-09000000 to 9522000


I've got a customer who is needing to urgently upgrade from the XCS090000 to the 09522000, I've heard that this can be a risky upgrade and wanted to know if anyone had carried out the upgrade and if they hit upon any problems.

John Hutch
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4400 upgrading from CR1089lep-09000000 to 9522000


If the upgrade is to fix any of the issues that any of the newer firmwares address... then it should not matter who has done it and who has not.

The fact of the matter is... there are customers on both sides of the fence.

I have a customer that went from 0900400 to 09522000 without any issues. They had to upgrade due to CA issue.

There are customers that have had a horrible time with the upgrade.

The short story is... if your customer is experiencing any issues that ARE addressed in newer firmware, you will need to upgrade no matter what in order to get full support.

My suggestion:

Plan out the upgrade..
Perform full backup of ALL data..
Execute upgrade plan..
Hope for the best

Look through this forum, there are MANY posts about the upgrade.

Steven Clementi
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Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA4400 upgrading from CR1089lep-09000000 to 9522000

XCS 09000000 has been out of support for months, and has a lot of bugs. XCS 09522000 has less bugs (at least you get rid of the 30+ corrected so far).

Also be careful, XCS 09000000 does not support 1 TB FATA disks.