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EVA8100 & Novell Netware native multipath

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EVA8100 & Novell Netware native multipath


I have few Novell Netware 6.5 hosts in my SAN environment. Currently we are using Netware native multipahing with following config (boot from the SAN):
set multi-path support=on
load scsihd.cdm /AEN /DEBUG /RETRIES=10

load ql2x00.ham slot=101 /LUNS /ALLPATHS /PORTNAMES /CONSOLE
load ql2x00.ham slot=102 /LUNS /ALLPATHS /PORTNAMES /CONSOLE

When I had to reboot Master controller in EVA all netware hosts died. Does anyone have working multipath config what to use with netware? I could not find any HP docs on how to adjust netware setting for multipathing.

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Re: EVA8100 & Novell Netware native multipath

some usefull info could be found here in
Novell NetWare SAN rules of the SAN design guide:
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