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Occasional Advisor


I have a FC 60 disk array configured, I need to identify the physical disks on each LUN. I want to label them so that I can identify the disks etc on each LUN. Can you pl help me out in this?


Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: FC 60 RAID

The fc60 has a feature where you can make the lights flash on the drives associated with a particular LUN, drive, enclosure, or the whole array.

This is done via Expert Tool, part of the Support Tools,(xstm and mstm).

If you are unsure if you have these tools (you may not), ask your local HP Customer Engineer (CE, aka hardware tech), as they should have copies available for free.

Good luck!
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Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: FC 60 RAID

To identify the physical disks on the LUN(s), I recommend that you use mstm.

# mstm
Select the disk array A5272A and run infomation on it (Tools -> Information -> Run)

Attached is a sample file.
At the middle of the output, a picture is presented describing RAID level, LUN number per each disk.

Hope this helps,
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Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: FC 60 RAID


You can also use ARMserver. Type:

amdsp -i

and follow the instructions on this link:

You can also use amdsp -d to identify disks.

man amdsp for more details.

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Michael Thomsen
Occasional Visitor

Re: FC 60 RAID

If you are not too sure about the above, the following works fine in sam.

Disks and File Systems -> Disk Devices

Mark/heighlight the array controllerand then

Actions -> View more information

Then choose 'Disk module status'.

Select the disk you want to flash (click in small green square), and press 'start'.

Essentialy the same as the other methods, but maybe easier if you are used to SAM
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: FC 60 RAID

Hi Shiv,

You can use either SAM or STM. If you are using SAM, then go to disk devices and select the controller card. If you choose more info, then it will show you the disk array LUNs, the specific disks and the RAID groups.

You can find out each disk by choosing the LED flash option. You can do this from stm too.

Another thing is if you have the disk array utility installed, then you can identify the disks from that. Again, there is a console port specifically for the FC60 and you can connect a terminal to this and check the array status ( read the manuals).

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Re: FC 60 RAID

Thanks for the help. I was able to identify the disks. Pl consider this discussion closed. I was trying to allocated points to all of you but , the screen for that was not active.

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Re: FC 60 RAID


YOu can also use sam to flash the LED.
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