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FC60 and SC10

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FC60 and SC10

Hi guys,

I have a FC60/SC10 One Disk Enclosure

Configured as

1:0 Raid 0
2:0 Raid 0
1:1 Raid 0
2:1 Raid 0
1:2 Raid 0

I would like to add another disk enclosure

and Configure as

Raid 1 1:0

Raid 1 2:0

Raid 1 1:1

Raid 1 2:1

Raid 1 1:2

I would like to know if data will be lost in transitioning Raid 0 to raid 1?

Esteemed Contributor

Re: FC60 and SC10

hi elder,

if my memory serves me right,you have to backup whatever your data or filesystem in the existing raid 0 LUNs. Unbind the luns and recreate new RAID 1 LUNS which include the new disks from new disk enclosures. Then, recreate back new filesystem and restore from your backup.

Backup your existing filesystem, eg:
# fbackup -i /data1 -f /dev/rmt/0m
# mt -t /dev/rmt/0m rewind

Umount your existing filesysytem
# umount /data1

You may have to vgexport. I am assuming all your existing RAID 0 LUNs is vg02.

From SAM, unbinds the existing LUns which contents /data1.

Recreate new luns in SAM (choose BIND luns).

Create back vg,logical volume and new filesystem
# mkdir /dev/vg02
# mknod /dev/vg02/group c 64 0x020000
# vgcreate /dev/vg02 /dev/rdsk/cXtXdX
# lvcreate -L 2000M /dev/vg02
# newfs -F vxfs /dev/vgXX/rlvXX

Mount the new filesystem and restore.
# mount /dev/vgXX/lvXX /data1
# frestore -xvf /dev/rmt/2m