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FC60 one of the 2 controllers missing

Super Advisor

FC60 one of the 2 controllers missing

Hi All,


can anyone help me with the following issue that im having?

In fact, we have an FC60 controller with 3 SC10 arrays conncted to 2 rp7440 servers.

Suddenly, a number of LUNs get disappeared from both servers and when typing "amdsp -a array1" im just getting in the output LUNs connected to controller A only eventhough the output is showing the below info for ctrl B:


Total capacity of LUNs on controller B = 0.0 MB



Information for Controller B - 001200A0B80952A4:
      Controller Status   = GOOD
      Controller Mode     = ACTIVE



Array Controller Subsystem:
       Controller A: GOOD
       Controller B: GOOD


>amdsp -a array1


LUN       Status        Capacity   Ctrl  RAID  Segment  Disks
   ---  -----------------  ---------  ----  ----  -------  -----
     0  OPTIMAL              67.8 GB   A     5         16  1:0

     2  OPTIMAL             169.4 GB   A     5         16  1:1

     4  OPTIMAL              67.8 GB   A     5         16  2:3


from the above output, we can only see controller A's LUNs only (and LUNs 1 and 3 on controller B are missing)

Any idea / hint on this situation?


Thanksin advance