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Super Advisor


Does anybody had an experience of disk crash after upgrading firmware on it..??

I'm talking about upgrading firmware on N-class box with 11.00.
Firmware to be upgraded for the disks on FC1010 Disk arrays



p.S. This thread has been moevd from Disk to Disk Array. - HP Forum moderator

Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware

I would say it's rare that data has been restored, not even to mention the disk.

I've done hundreds of disk f/w upgrades in training courses and never once say a pb, even though students were determined to break the rules.

Just don't power off, or access the disk during the f/w upgrade.

Follow the instruction carefully and you should be okay.

A backup is always nice to have just in case.

It works for me (tm)
Scott Van Kalken
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Firmware

I have seen weirdness with firmware in an FC10.

However, upgrading to a later revision solved our problems. We had a lot of dead disks and were just lucky that we mirrored.