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HP A5277A FC60 default password

Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

HP A5277A FC60 default password

we are replacing the batteries in some of our HP A5277A FC60 array control units and we are running into a password situation where we dont know what it is.

Does anyone know of a default password or a default config for the HP A5277A FC60 arrays?

Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: HP A5277A FC60 default password

Presumably you are trying to use a serial connection into the back of the FC60.
Using Reflections or Hyperterm(9600,8/None)

password is

Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: HP A5277A FC60 default password

Hi Phil, we are actually trying to replace the batteries in the battery back up unit with new batteries.

When we fire the BBU back up in the FC60 with the new batteries - we get no lights, no faults, no greens - Are we missing a step? Is there some command that we need to run to tell the FC60 that the BBU has been replaced?