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HP EVA8000/81000 /4100/4000 and HP-UX 11.x

Yohan Machado
Occasional Visitor

HP EVA8000/81000 /4100/4000 and HP-UX 11.x

Hi All,

I am wondering if could help me please with this request:

What's the recommended scsi queue depth on a HPUX server connected to a HP-EVA. ?

Kind regards,
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP EVA8000/81000 /4100/4000 and HP-UX 11.x

Hello Yohan

HP sets the SCSI queue depth parameter to 8 by default. This value is recommended for HP devices, however you can change it if you believe you are experiencing performance issues related to the queue.

If you are experiencing performance problems though, I would firstly recommend you to focus on others areas, like Zoning and LUN configuration (Changing a LUN from Vraid5 to Vraid1 can speed up writes)

If you want to modify the SCSI queue, you may find this article interesting:

Yohan Machado
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP EVA8000/81000 /4100/4000 and HP-UX 11.x

Many Thanks Orlando.