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HP MSA 1000 + Brocade switch + Server 2008 problem

lim meng kiat
Occasional Contributor

HP MSA 1000 + Brocade switch + Server 2008 problem

Hi all,

I am totally new to SAN environment and need some help from yours guys.

I got 1 MSA 1000 SAN storage with 1 FC connect to 1 SAN Switch. I got ServerA & ServerB with each server got 2 FC connecting to SAN switch. The 2 Server is performing the clustering. After connect them together ,ServerA & ServerB able to access SAN storage.

Just the weird thing i facing is the ServerA & ServerB is "replicating" the array disk and show it on disk management. This is causing clustering not function well and need to be solve

Just wondering why is this happen ??

Thanks in advance for those help ...
Honored Contributor

Re: HP MSA 1000 + Brocade switch + Server 2008 problem


you probably need to look at the multipathing options for your os.
the windows mpio stuff is here :-

hope this helps