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HP MSA2312i G2 + HP P2000 G3 Enclosure - Does it work?

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HP MSA2312i G2 + HP P2000 G3 Enclosure - Does it work?



I have a MSA 2312i G2 SAS iSCSI Enclosure with 2 Controllers. It works perfectly. 

One day we bought a additionaly Enclosure with the name HP P2000 G3 SAS

I connected the new Enclosure to the existing MSA 2312i G2... It shows me the P2000 G3 Enclosure, but

without a wrong physical overwien in the webinterface. Our additionaly Enclosure has only 12 Slots and not 24.

I could configure it without problems, but i don't know if i can use it now for the productiv environment.

I tried at first to upgrade the firmware.. The existing firmware from the Expansions Modules (EMPs) of the P2000 G3 was newer as this, that i used for the upgrade.


Before that: Revision 1130

Now: Revision 1056 :-(


But it could not resolve my existing problem. It shows my 24 Slots instead of existing 12 Slots :-(

HP says that it is not compatible with the MSA 2312i G2... But it works...


Can someone help me?

And i can't find the storage firmware with the Revision 1130 :-(

Have someone a special link for it?


Thank you 


John Kufrovich
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Re: HP MSA2312i G2 + HP P2000 G3 Enclosure - Does it work?

The MSA P2000 jbod shelf is not supported on a G1 or G2 array. 


For the G2 arrays, the only options are MSA70 for SFF drives and MSA2000 jbod for LFF drives.