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HP P2000 G3 FC\ISCSI don't discovered host (ESXi 5.0)

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HP P2000 G3 FC\ISCSI don't discovered host (ESXi 5.0)

Good day, sorry my english
help me, I do not know what to do
ISCSI ports of HP P2000 G3 FC\ISCSI connect to network
ISCSI adapters HP NC382m Dual Port 1GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter also connect to network
In a P2000 craeate Vdisk, create Volume, add Hosts "1125" with WWN of Broadcom ISCSI Adapter (this HP NC382m, I checked on MAC-address) WWN of Broadcom ISCSI Adapter I looked it in Vcenter console \ Configuration \ Storage Adapters \ row WWN)
I'm map Volume 1,7TB(explicit mapping) on host 1125
In a Vcenter console I create Vmkernel Group ports on a HP NC382m, binding this Group port to Vmkernel Adapter vmk1 (propertis of Broadcom ISCSI Adapter \ Network configuration \ Add \), add ISCSI Targets in a propertis of Broadcom ISCSI Adapter \ Static Discovery \ add - I'm add IP-address of a P2000 ISCSI port (A3,A4,B3,B4)
Complete "Rescan HBA" on a ESXi, Restart Storage and management controller on a P2000 - result is bad, ESXI doesn't see storage, P2000 doesn't see host.
I executed a command PING from telnet session of P2000 to IP of host - result good, "Command completed successfully. - The remote computer responded with 4 packets"
I executed a command PING from my PC to P2000 ISCSI port - result bad, all packets disappear

Whether shall PING P2000 ISCSI port?
Why P2000 don't discover host?
What do I do incorrectly?

Thanks, Artem, Russia

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Re: HP P2000 G3 FC\ISCSI don't discovered host (ESXi 5.0)

All simply)))) ISCSI ports of P2000 see don't 11.X network (network admin forgot to add ports in a 11.X network)))))