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HP-UX and EVA4100/4400 direct connect

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HP-UX and EVA4100/4400 direct connect

Hi Folks,

We have the following setup:

- rx2600 server with HP-UX 11v2

Question is:

Do you know if we can attach an EVA4100/4400 directly with the FC HBA (with no SAN switch in between)?

I remember reading about direct connect, but only for Windows systems. In fact, the Fiber Ports in the EVA are configurable as "Host Ports" in the EVA OCP and in Command View.

Thanks in advance for your comments!

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Re: HP-UX and EVA4100/4400 direct connect

From quick specs

Host Connectivity Fibre Channel, Direct Connect, iSCSI (w/ iSCSI Connectivity Kit)

but from

HP StorageWorks 4x00/6x00/8x00
Enterprise Virtual Array user guide

Seventh edition: June 2007

"Direct connect is currently supported on Microsoft Windows only. For more information on direct connect, see the HP StorageWorks Windows connectivity for the 4x00/6x00/8x00 Enterprise Virtual Array release notes. See "Related documentation" on page 15 for the link to this document."

(page 30)

Hope this helps!

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