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HP VA7410 & VA7110 146GB 15k?

Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

HP VA7410 & VA7110 146GB 15k?

Did HP ever make a 146GB 15k drive for the VA arrays? I know about the A7289A 146GB 10k but I can't find any info on HP part surfer or parts store if they ever introduced a 15k 146GB.

Honored Contributor

Re: HP VA7410 & VA7110 146GB 15k?

I don't see any reference of 146GB 15k drive being officially supported on these VAs.

I do see 146GB 15k drive (BF14658244) listed at VA7110 BSC website at

It is also listed at VA7410 BSC site.

I don't know why they have put this drive for VAs there if it's not supported but I guess it may work with latest VA f/w and CV SDM but then un-supported.

I know this drive is officially supported on EVA.

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP VA7410 & VA7110 146GB 15k?

If(BF14658244) was the drive that was meant,then these Drives are Indeed supported by HP and are the last ones released for VA.

The latest revision is HP03 (Known to have fixed the Intermittent failure issue) and can be found in the previous link from Sameer.