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How-To: Replacement of failed HDD on ESA 10000


How-To: Replacement of failed HDD on ESA 10000

1. First verify that there is a failed HDD by visual (fault led on HDD is blinking)

2. Then verify that disk have in failedset by issueing command show failedsets

P0S1 >show failedset
Name Storageset Uses Used by


FAILEDSET failedset DISK60000

Also issue command show disks to verify disks.


P0S1 >show disks

Name Type Port Targ Lun Used by


DISK10000 disk 1 0 0 RA2
DISK10100 disk 1 1 0 RA1
DISK10300 disk 1 3 0 MIR1
DISK20000 disk 2 0 0 RA2
DISK20100 disk 2 1 0 RA1
DISK20300 disk 2 3 0 RA1
DISK30000 disk 3 0 0 RA2
DISK30100 disk 3 1 0 MIR3
DISK30300 disk 3 3 0 MIR2
DISK40000 disk 4 0 0 RA3
DISK40100 disk 4 1 0 MIR3
DISK40200 disk 4 2 0 RA3
DISK40300 disk 4 3 0 MIR2
DISK50000 disk 5 0 0 RA1
DISK50100 disk 5 1 0 MIR4
DISK50200 disk 5 2 0 RA3
DISK60000 disk 6 0 0
DISK60100 disk 6 1 0 MIR4
DISK60200 disk 6 2 0 MIR1

You can remove HDD from the bay.

3. If HDD is not in failedset and still blinking led for fault, then issue command
SET mirrorset-name REMOVE=disk-name

Then you can remove HDD from they bay.

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Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: How-To: Replacement of failed HDD on ESA 10000

3. - true, but this will trigger an eligible sparedisk which you might not want.

I suggest to turn off the replacement policy, swap the disk drives and add the same position back.
> set mirrorset-name REPLACE=disk-name

Then you can reapply the old replacement policy.

Oh, and before you do all that, check if somebody tried to fool you with the LOCATE command ;-)
> locate CANCEL

and check if the problem is still there.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: How-To: Replacement of failed HDD on ESA 10000

I could be wrong (its been a while since I used an HSG80 in anger) but I thought a failed disk had a solid red light, rather than a blinking one.

As Uwe says, a blinking light could well be the result of someone using the locate command on a disk.


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: How-To: Replacement of failed HDD on ESA 10000

I have seen solid fault LEDs in two situations.

1. doing incremental LOCATE commands. Some ACS versions started to turn on other fault LEDs.

According to an old manual I have access to at the moment, the LED also lights solid if you turn on CANCEL for a failed disk drive, but I don't recall I have ever tried that.

2. running a LOCATE ALL on a fully populated EMA12000 and shutting down the HSG at the right moment. A great view! Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture at that time :-(