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How does work Continues Access

Occasional Contributor

How does work Continues Access

Recently we implemented a replication process with the software "Continues Access". When we started the process, the access to the data base were heavily impacted. Therefore, we decided to replicate only at night, with fewer users.

However, when we stopped the process, at daytime, begins to fill the replication log, with the information of the day.

The information in the replication log, is updated in the night, when we restarted the replica; but not in time for fully discharged.

Finally, the replication log is full and restarts process.

We repeat the process  and the result was the same, so we believe that we are in a loop.

My question is: How does this software work?.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: How does work Continues Access

Good start for reading material is the "HP P6000 Continuous Access Implementation Guide" :


If you stop replication - eventually the log gets full.

When replication is started again it will have to do a full copy (copy all data from source to destination).