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How to get details of DS2300 and DS2405 from their configuration page?

Sanjay Yugal Kishore Ha
Frequent Advisor

How to get details of DS2300 and DS2405 from their configuration page?


'm trying to understand the diagnostics returned by DS2405.

I send the Receive Diagnostic Results command to the DS2405 in the following format-

cmd code - 0x1c
PCV(page code valid) bit - 0x01
page code - 0x01
Allocation length(MSB) - 0
Allocation length(LSB) - 254
Control - 0

When I send the above command, using ioctl call, I would be obtaining the configuration page entries.

1. What do these data structures in the configuration page mean? Please note - I have an unsigned char array of size 254 bytes to
store the configuration page structure.

2. How do the configuration page entries map to the Enclosure Status page?

3. On getting the config. page data, is there a way from these entries that I can get how many disk devices are supported by the
JBoD - i.e. FC-10, DS2405, DS2300 SC-10 and so on.

4. To get the status page the command above changes to -
page code - 0x02
Allocation Length(LSB) - 164

The values 254 and 164 have been present as legacy in our code and we'd like to know if there is way to decipher this value.
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