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Linux qla23xx failover driver and EVA Connectivity

Valued Contributor

Linux qla23xx failover driver and EVA Connectivity


I've installed a RedHat EL 4.0 ES Server with
the FCA-2214 HBA (Dual Channel) and the
HP Qlogic failover driver.

On the storage side, there is an EVA-3000
presenting a LUN to this server.

So far, depending on which controller the
LUN is active, I see these devices with
"fdisk -l":

LUN is active on controller A:

LUN is active on controller B:

Now how does the QLogic failover driver
come into play here? - How do I see which
path is active and which is passive?

How many paths are active at any one time
(i.e. is there some kind of load balancing
involved) and how can I control this?

Would it make sense if I use the software
raid driver (md) to tie all 4 devices together
or is the failover capability handled by the
QLogic device driver?

If I have an EVA-4000 in AA-mode as opposed
to the EVA-3000 in AP-mode, how does this
influence the way things are done?

Thank's much & Regards,

Arnold Sutter, Tristar/redIT
Larry De Clay
Frequent Advisor

Re: Linux qla23xx failover driver and EVA Connectivity

I installed the latest driver from the HP in a RH3 connected with an EVA4000.
The clue was install the driver from the script supplied with the flag -f ("./INSTALL -f") to enable the failover capability.
In my case one of the requirements was that I had to install the gcc compiler in RH.
Then, you have only one special file to each lun.

I hope that help you.
Valued Contributor

Re: Linux qla23xx failover driver and EVA Connectivity


there is a "set_parm" script that sets
the proper values for failover capabilities.

See below Forum thread for more details on this:

Best Regards,

Arnold Sutter, Tristar/redIT