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Lvlnboot not initializing a PV in a AutoRaid bootup


Lvlnboot not initializing a PV in a AutoRaid bootup

Hi all

We got the following setup -
HPUX 11.0 , 12 disk Auroraid array with dual controllers.
Had a problem with one controller on Autoraid which was then unplugged and all VG's reduced to a single controller path.(including VG00).
After fixing the controller it was re-plugged into Autoraid and system booted up ok, and all VG's extended to 2nd controller path.
System has been rebooted numerous times - all ok but get error message on bootup while initializing vg00 - cannot initialize the boot PV which was pointing to the failed controller.
lvlnboot -v lists only one PV ( should be 2 - primary and alternative devices).
Could vgreduce have altered the boot config on the DISK ARRAY. Any suggestions how the boot VG can have both paths in its configuration.
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Re: Lvlnboot not initializing a PV in a AutoRaid bootup

The data is on the disk itself in an area known as the PVRA.

If you do a vgreduce you will modify this info.

It works for me (tm)