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ML 530 w/ 6402 Controller Drive Extension

George Gerhard
Occasional Visitor

ML 530 w/ 6402 Controller Drive Extension

I have the following environment:
ML 530 G2
w/ 6402 128k controller
6 142 GB Drives (Windows Disk 1)

Windows Disk Management
Disk 0 Basic (config) (C:)
Disk 1 Basic (D:)

ACU version

This was a nightmare to say the least...
many problems along the way...

We replaced 72GB drives w/ the 142GB by each night failing one drive. ( this was recommended to us by HP) now we wanted to extend the D: drive which they said should be now problem.. well.. the original config had the striping set to 16k thus we couldn't get the full use of the 142GB drives.

I'm now at a point where I'd just like to get whatever extra space I can out of the 142's. When I go into the ACU I can extend the logical drive to almost double what I current have .. this should be fine for now.

I'm wondering the time it should take for this, and also if anyone know of any more GOTHCA'S I may encounter.

OR... a better way..

thanks much