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MS P2000 G3 -

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MS P2000 G3 -



We are wanting to use this storage to house a db with 2 nodes attached. Can vdisks on the device support NFS and ASM.


As we are wanting to use Oracle DB's with 2x  Oracle Linux 6.2 and a P2000 connected via iSCSI.


I am unable to find any information about this in the white papers, unless I have missed something.



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Re: MS P2000 G3 -

The MSA2000 doesn not provide NFS or similar, the connected server have to do this.

Hope this helps!

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Re: MS P2000 G3 -

For your requirement, you would require a NAS (Network Attached Storage).


You can go through and see if it fits in:


Moreover, if you can PM me your contact details I can engage right people to give you a call back from HP to help you further. :)







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Re: MS P2000 G3 -

Check this out:

Ask Oracle about your configuration because otherwise you won't get support from them. In case you have issues with DB performance and they will ask you to replicate same problem on supported configuration.